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No-kill facilities are operating in several cities across the country, including New York,  San Francisco and Utah.  While some pounds kill as many as 90% of the animals they capture and that are surrendered by owners, others are reducing their kill rates of adoptable animals to zero.

"Some people still think it will be impossible ever to bring an end to the killing of homeless animals in this country. Among them are some of the nation’s largest, oldest, and most well-known – and well-funded – animal rights organizations and humane societies.

"They may be right. It may indeed be impossible. Then again, lots of perfectly honorable and decent people, 150 years ago, believed it would be impossible ever to bring an end to slavery, however much they disapproved of it.

"Fifty years later, child labor was still considered by most people to be another of those "necessary evils" in life. They argued that it was more constructive simply to try to improve the conditions in the factories. (It was the Women’s Humane Society of Philadelphia who led the charge to end that kind of negative thinking and abolish child labor altogether.)

"Today, we all look back at those and other social evils of the past as bizarre anomalies. Yet in our own time, many people, including even the large humane and animal rights groups, still acquiesce to the daily carnage of abandoned fourlegged family members in "shelters" all across the country.

"The bottom line is that as long as people believe that killing homeless pets is one of those "necessary evils" that can never be stopped, then it will never be stopped."



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