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These resources were hand-picked to provide some of the best information available in their categories. Please read the summaries for a quick reference.

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Organizations TO KNOW

  Alley Cat Allies   Provides education for trap/neuter/return programs to reduce feral cat populations- an essential ingredient of a no-kill community. . The recognized source for feral cat information.
The Pet Savers Foundation   A nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services. Affiliated organizations include a magazine, Paws to Think and a conference organization, CHAMP.
No-Kill Solutions   A for-profit firm that offers consultation on ending the killing in municipal pounds and SPCA's. Find free information on enhancing adoptions, obtaining community involvement and getting fosters.
San Francisco SPCA   One of the first major humane societies in the country to set a no-kill objective.
Firepaw   Extensive animal-welfare research including affiliations with Maddies Fund to access results of no-kill programs.
North Shore Animal League   Funded by philanthropists, Alex & Babette Lewyt, it is now purportedly  the largest pet adoption agency in the world. This New York rescue may take  animals from other states.
DELTA Rescue   A sprawling animal rescue in Glendale, California, that rescues strays and matches them with a mate to provide housing and care for their entire lives. Gives advice on low-cost housing for animals.


What Happens When the Cages are Full Our perspective on the daunting components necessary to build  a no-kill  community while keeping the 'shelter' cages from filling up.
A No-Kill Blueprint Maddies Fund gives a basic outline on getting to no-kill: in part, strong leadership, quantifiable goals, creativity, community involvement, increasing adoptions,  a strong volunteer base &  great shelter service.
Banking on Dogs and Cats How one savvy business woman utilized her promotional skills to save thousands of animals using unique strategies any community can employ.
Why No Kill? Craig Brestrup wrestles with the pragmatics of converting to no-kill, such as dealing with animal control, categorizing animals, what to do about owner turn-ins and changing the 'disposability' mindset.
Maddie's Fund Community Collaboration Grants An overview of the foundation's guidelines, philosophy and  strategies, providing clarification for communities who want to compete for its funds.
A Comprehensive Plan for a No-Kill Millennium In 1997 Austin, Texas passed no-kill resolutions. In 1998 a complete no-kill blueprint was written by APA which sets forth all objectives and methods of implementation. A valuable tool for no-kill advocates.
Utah: A No-Kill State in Action
What Works, What Doesn't, What's Next
A unique opportunity to peer into Utah's evaluation of its program aimed at becoming the first no-kill state.  A good source for adoption promotion ideas and a chance to learn what didn't pan out.
Homeless Pet Forums A potpourri on every conceivable subject related to building your no-kill community. Numerous articles in each category: spay/neuter, funding, ferals, adoption, volunteers, coalitions, media,  management.
Director Achieves No-Kill!  Nathan Winograd's view of the no-kill solution through sound bites, vignettes and dissertations on: hiring a shelter director, adopting the hard-to-place, fostering, ferals &  dealing with old guard staffs.
Non-Lethal Shelters - The New Humane Societies Need to explain to someone what no-kill is? A broad- stroke picture of the no-kill objective and an update on which states are participating. Out of 5,000 traditional pounds, only 250 call themselves no-kill.
How to Make News & Promote Your Campaigns Learn how to conduct a vigil, write a press release, promote your event, answer media questions, write an effective opinion editorial, conduct a picket, make the news, create a media kit,  start your own group& more
Does the Road to No-Kill Lead Through Asilomar? A discussion of the problems with the controversial Asilomar Accords, a  treaty signed by animal groups with the intent of building unifying bridges,  but which may instead widen gaps.
envirolink logo Resources for Non-Profit Organizations How to apply for a non-profit organization,  how to get IRS-approved status, get grant-writing classes online, funding sources, online discussions and support,  non-profit news and more link lists.


Secrets of the Adoption Master Break tradition by adopting during holidays, know what is/isn't important in choosing good owners, up numbers by adopting in pairs (Peaches& Cream), put older pets in front in bandanas and more.
Big Dogs, Shy Cats: How to Find Homes Animals Tips for the hard-to-place animals: tell the pet's hard-luck story using radio, press releases, columns & flyers. Use offsite adoptions, toys in cages &  outside playtime w/would-be adopters.


The Top Ten Reasons for Owner Relinquishment This article interprets the NCPPSP's 1998 study showing the top 10 reasons owners dump their pets at pounds. Study separates cats & dogs,  shows ages,  length of ownership, gender and if fixed or not.
Nobody's Going to Rescue You from Your Duty

A conscious-provoking piece about guardians who abandon their pets: why they do it, how to change their minds, and when that isn't possible, suggestions how to  help them find the best homes.

575 - The number of animals killed every hour Someone speaks out that spay and neuter is NOT the most serious problem before us. Pound deaths &  a huge stray population won't end until we  alter  the prevalent attitude that pets are expendable.
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?
An anthology of easons guardians give up pets with an array of solutions for each problem. Direction on how to find a home if all else fails.
Finding Another Home for Your Pet More than half of the pound population are owner turn-ins and no one knows how many strays were dumped. This distressing problem is HUGE. The author asks owners  to reconsider breaking the bond..


 Nine Model Programs for Successful Spay/Neuter

Considering starting a spay and neuter program in your community? Choose from nine model programs that have worked for others including mobile, voucher, mash-style and vet tech students.

Public Funding for Spay and Neuter Programs
Learn how public funds can pay for your community's spay/neuter programs through license fees, community block grants, sales taxes, general funds, license plates, and Chamber of Commerce grants.
A Spay/Neuter Program In Action

Read how a spay and neuter program is being implemented in Lodi, California with grant assistance, including how funds are allocated, who does what and using flyers to advertise vouchers to the public.

Getting Pets Fixed Specific guidance on a spay/neuter program,  including how to approach public officials for funding,  finding money to fix ferals, financing a mobile van,  with sample programs receiving funding.


Implementing a Community-Wide TNR Program

A 29-page manual for starting a community TNRM (monitor) program, addressing all aspects, including legal issues, administration, equipment, training, colony management, forms and food drives.

Resources for Caregivers and Advocates A full page of links containing online courses that teach trapping from beginning to advanced, care during the winter, making neighbors happy, kitten care and advocacy from changing ordinances to media.
Making TNR Work In Your Community An exhaustive collection of how-to articles on feral cat care, including
getting started, trapping techniques for single and multiple cats, drop traps, tracking and eartipping colonies, feeding stations and nutrition.

Cat Rescue & Care A-Z

Everything cat rescue, including help on trap/neuter release programs, adoption applications & contracts, cat fences,  surgery, helping colonies, socializing, dealing with animal control and more.

Web Links

A wow resource! Find hundreds of feral cat organizations worldwide. A plethora of  feral issues, spay/neuter, behavior, health, legal entities, law codes, equipment and lost and found.

Stanford Cat Network Stanford Cat Network

Peruse this HUGE resources:  litter box problems, keeping cats indoors, making outdoors safe, introduce new cats, declaw?, allergies, getting TNR accepted, plus a plethora of links to links and organizations.


Pit Bulls: Fact and Legends

Positive press about this oppressed breed that includes: little-known facts about the breed, dispelling myths, positive quotes and celebrities caretakers of this misunderstood breed.

Letter to Ingrid Newkirk
PETA:  Don't Kill Pit Bulls!

 Letter to PETA's CEO, a former animal controller,  that now  calls for the extermination of pit bulls &  supports pound deaths as 'necessary.' PETA kills animals in its own 'shelter' & offers vets to others for killing.


Dog Bite Study

American Vet. Med. Assoc. comes out against breed specific legislation  citing 5 causes of bites: hereditary, early experience, later socialization, training, health & victim behavior.  80% of aggression is from intact males.

Insurance Assistance

Living with certain breeds can make it almost impossible to get homeowner's insurance. This site offers tips on finding insurance, learning the law and how to fight breed specific legislation.



End suffering of dogs living entire lives in chains. Learn a 10-step process to creating local ordinances. Find sample letters to Legislators & press. Numerous how-to &  success articles and additional links for further help.


Legal Defense Fund

This trailblazer for animal rights law keeps you up to date on the latest court decisions. 

Animal Rights Law

Find cruelty statutes by State, essays, online handbook, a library of legal articles and cases. Areas covered include animals as property, hunting, sacrifice, companions in rental housing and disobedience.

Legal Info

Need to look up a case or code? Here you'll find one of the easier sources for do-it-yourself lawyering and legal research.

Animal Legal & Historic Center

This Michigan State law library concentrates on California and Michigan animal law and contains500+ full text cases & 774 U.S. statutes. 30+ topics on interesting areas & numerous articles.

Cal Law

A leading source of the latest news on the California legal front.


"Know thy enemies" because you can learn from them! Here is an anti-activist sight that tells us what celebrities are interested in causes and what foundations are giving enough cash to offend.

National Council on Pet Population

NCPPSP provides national statistics of shelter-reported deaths and owner-relinquishment. It's members are humane organizations, breeder groups and veterinary associations. Not all pounds report.

Welcome to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association

American Pet Products Mfg. Assoc.

This trade association conducts a biennial survey on pet ownership. In 2004 Americans spent $34.4 billion on their pets, which was 60% higher than toys and 33% higher than candy.

JAVA Companion Animal Statistics

Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association's list of statistics including estimates of percentage of animals surgically sterilized and the chance of animals winding up at the pound.

ATTS logo

American Temperament Test Society

See results of temperament tests by breed in alphabetical order. In 2004,  pit bulls had a passing rate of 83.4% compared with Beagles at 78.2%, Golden Retrievers at  83.6% and Labrador Retrievers at 91.1%.


Veterinary Information Service

One of the most comprehensive online sources for medical diagnosis and treatment of dog and cat illness. Search fields and alphabetical listings for both cats and dogs. A great help in conjunction with professional veterinary care.

Merck Veterinary Manual

The single most comprehensive reference for animal disease. Over  12,000 topics covered. Searchable by word or phrase, breed, topic or disease. Look up symptoms and peruse relevant illnesses.

CPR and the Heimldogcpr.pdfich Manueuver

Learn  CPR's four life-saving steps:  establishing an airway, performing the Heimlich maneuver when necessary, determining if there is breathing and achieving circulation.

How to Find A Lost Cat or Dog

Good common-sense advice to pass on to a panic-stricken guardian looking for a lost companion. Advice ranges from door-to-door searches, making noises, flyers &  leaving the pet's articles outside.

Create a Flyer

Instant flyers in seconds! Make 'LOST', 'FOUND' and 'ADOPT ME' flyers using an easy, fool-proof template.


The largest animal adoption source anywhere. Over 200,000 animals available for adoption from more than 2000  shelters and rescues in the US and Canada. Also find classifieds & lost &  found. - Adopt a Friend. Save a Life. 1-800-Save-A-Pet

Find US shelters, rescues & their dogs and cats up for adoption by  zip code; select by distances from <50 miles to <250 miles. See a breed in a pound that needs rescuing? Use the breed section to locate rescues.

AMRT.NET Animal Match Rescue Team

Expansive source for rescuing from animal control facilities and rescues in Southern California.  Articles on the fallacy of pound temperament testing &  a guide  to  adopting.  Training links & more.


 Maddie's Fund

Providing more funding to help animals than any other organization, its goal is to find homes for every shelter animal, to end euthanasia and to create a no-kill nation. A comprehensive resource!

Petsmart Charities

Has partnered with over 2700 animal welfare organizations, contributing over $35 million dollars in the U.S. and Canada.

PETCO Online Pet Supplies The Petco Foundation

Since its inception in 1999, the pet retailer has raised over $23 million through a combination of fundraisers.

Dog1.gif (6288 bytes) The DJT Foundation Established in 1995 by Bob Barker, it's goal is to eliminate overpopulation. It subsidizes clinic and voucher programs throughout the United States. Only for homed pets,  not impounded.
The Bernice Barbour Foundation A private charity aiding the preservation, care and prevention of cruelty to animals in the United States. Past grants have been awarded in the areas of animal hospitals, felines and wildlife.


Grant Writing Specific grant writing information for animal welfare funding presented in a question and answer format. Provides information on how much money to ask for and what type of projects qualify.
Grant Do's and Don'ts Grant writing online workshop addressing do's and don'ts of growing your organization through grant funding with links on fundraising and block grants.
Grant Writing Tips

Grants may be one of your essential building blocks to fund your spay/neuter, adoption and educational programs.  Learn basics here and find additional resource links.

Grants and Fundraising Over 500 links to help you get those grants and donations! Find out the top 10 reasons applications are rejected, 40 tips for your grant proposals &  a myriad of fundraising strategies for  non-profits.
Building Shelters Won't Build a No-Kill Nation

An Animal People News editorial explains the challenges of obtaining a Maddies Fund grant and what types of projects the foundation looks for. 


Paws to Think

Quarterly no-fee online magazine addressing welfare subjects such as non-surgical contraceptives,  the top 10  fundraising tips, pet renter surveys, early age neutering and why people won't neuter.


Dog Fancy This recognized publisher features some articles online from each  current issue. Find a bulletin board and under "Resources" tab find articles on behavior, health, nutrition and  organizations.
Cat Fancy Home Cat Fancy For 40 years this has been a source of information for cat lovers. Some articles from the current issue are online. Read  about health, the indoor/outdoor  issues,  safety tips. Includes a message board.

Animal Wellness Magazine A source of the latest health news, focusing  on natural healing and nutrition. Some articles from the current issue are online. Info on vaccinations, holistic treatments and coping with pet loss.
Veterinary Practice News Articles related to veterinary practice, such as medical news, lawsuits, surveys and physical therapy. Includes an archive of past articles and a message board.


Firepaw's Resource List

Dozens of animal welfare and no-kill organizations with brief descriptions. This organization does its own studies on companion animals including how they relate to humans, euthanasia  in relationship to spay/neuter success and abuse issues.

Animal Rights Resources

Listing hundreds of middle-road to militant animal organizations. Learn of no-kill shelters, cross-country rescue transport, everything vegan, anti-vivisection, liberation & the adversaries of animal rights.

Animals Voice Logo

Animal Voice- 10,000+ Links

One-stop animal rights info. 13 categories of links. Explore  rescues, webrings, sanctuaries,  chats, organizations, care, activism, abuse,  protection, publications, dog fighting, shelters, abuse photos & more

Organizations to Know
On Building A No-Kill Community

Getting Pound Animals Adopted
Pet Disposal By Guardians

Spay and Neuter Programs
Assisting Feral Cats
Helping Pit Bulls
Breed Specific Discrimination
Legal News & Research
Helpful Stats & Facts
Help for Animal Care-Givers
Rescues & Pounds
Noteworthy Grant Givers
Grant Writing Assistance
Online Rights & Welfare Magazines
Online Magazines- General Interest

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