Introduction: Sources of Funding For Sterilization Programs:

Aside from calls for help with individual spay/neuters, our most frequent inquiries concern fundraising for clinics, spayathons, spay programs, for a whole variety of programs to reduce the numbers of unwanted litters in cities and towns across the country! We have pulled together a great introductory slide show by Paul Jolly of PetCo Foundation, some Do's and Dont's by Jim Mason of the Two Mauds Foundation, a long list of special local fundraising events by Aimee St. Arnaud, information about three foundations that have helped many of the groups we work with to start programs and clinics, and some information on public funding as well.

Our recommendation is to put together a pie chart for your organization with the total amount needed as the title. The pieces of the pie will be special events, donations, grants, etc - a mix that you determine depending on your location and the number of volunteers you can recruit. Usually we find that a group must first demonstrate its effectiveness based on private funding before it can tap into public funding. That is not, however, true everywhere, and the climate may be changing; reducing cat/dog overpopulation is solving a public problem and a good case can be made for public funding if the target is the cats/dogs of low-income people.


Writing A Grant Do's and Dont's
Successful Grant Applications (a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation)

Granting Foundations:
DJ & T Foundation
PETCO Foundation
PETsMART Charities Foundation

Fundraising Initiatives:
Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising
Finding Funding to Fix Feral Felines

Government Grants or Appropriations:
Block Grants


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