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This site is dedicated to citizens everywhere who are willing to join together for a common cause: to STOP THE KILLING of dogs and cats  and other companion animals in our municipal shelters.

Whether you are a rescuer of many, an animal caregiver of few or  simply a concerned individual, if you believe that a 'shelter' should be a safe haven for animals that leads to their eventual placement into loving, adoptive homes, then you have come to the right place. How do we accomplish our goal?

We are willing to do what is necessary to save the lives of millions of companion animals incarcerated in our animal control facilities who will never leave alive unless we take action.

We want our public officials to know we have sat on the sidelines long enough for them to make the right choices. Their decisions have cost the lives of thousands of our community animals. We now have to take a stand. We demand that our representatives yield to the will of their constituents. They must STOP THE KILLING NOW.

Our plan covers several fronts:


documentation of each known incident of abuse, neglect and violation of law accompanied by a written report to responsible administrators and those that hire them;


 eliciting support from the public en masse;


ongoing solicitation of volunteers and contributors;


public relations to keep paramount issues out front;


constant pressure on governing decision-makers;


diplomacy and education are the weapons of choice;


litigation is reserved as a last option and


praise, credit and support lavished on public officials who help us meet our goals at each stage of progress.

Read about the progress made in our own community, Rancho Cucamonga, California to convert our 'catch and kill' pound into a no-kill shelter. Also see 
Our  Petition and Our No-Kill Effort links listed on the left side of this page.

Email: admin@nokillnow.com
No-Kill NOW!  P.O. Box 217,  Etiwanda, CA 91739-0217
Home Defining No-Kill No-Kill Resources Shelter Law


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