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It takes everyone working together to provide a safety net of care for the homeless dogs and cats in our communities. When rescue organizations, traditional shelters and animal control agencies collaborate, animals who might not find a home through one agency have the opportunity to find safe haven through another. With the help of breed rescue groups and feral cat caregivers, even more lives get saved. The added spay/neuter assistance of the community's private practice veterinarians broadens and deepens the safety net. With all animal organizations and caregivers contributing their specialty and expertise for one united effort, the whole becomes much bigger than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created, effectiveness and efficiency is enhanced, focus and momentum are built. Collaboration between all animal organizations provides incentive for city officials, local businesses and private donors to come forward with additional resources. With everyone collaborating, community goals can be established, community strategies created and community successes achieved and celebrated.
Maddie's Fund is spending money to foster and promote community collaborations so entire cities, counties and states can pool their talent and resources to end the killing of healthy dogs and cats within five years.