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It is with TREMENDOUS sadness I must report that SB861 has passed the committee.  We had two no votes and 4 Yes votes (including a member who has a pit mix that does not understand the ramifications of this bill).

6/30 update:  The bill will go to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, then to the Assembly floor, then to the Senate floor and finally the Gov. .  We have spots to STOP this and we MUST.  PLEASE EVERYONE continue to fight this bill!!

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My opinion on SB861 passing:

While I am a big supporter of speutering for all companion animals, I have a HUGE problem with anything breed specific.

What I would personally prefer is for them to kick SB861 to the sewer where it belongs and force San Francisco to enact NON breed specific laws targeting ALL breeds. They were shown LA's Ordinance for mandatory speuter and how people go door to door. Donna gave this to them early one. According to LA this program is making a big difference.

It is my personal opinion that this is ALL about Gavin Newsbom saving face because he was to quick in opening his mouth about the case. He spoke out about BSL before the investigation was completed or even barely started only to find Nicholas would be alive if his mother was not so irresponsible (arrested on Felony Child endangerment). If he hadn't made those statements to the press, I really thing San Fran would have adopted the LA ord.

What is the harm of trying that for awhile then trying for an amendment to the State law??? NONE.

The Ramifications of SB861 passing into law:

Far more than most of us realize.  California sets the pace for other States legislative sessions.  California is more liberal in their law passing than other States.  If California passes law including the right for local municipalities to pass BSL, other states will follow and they will not be so liberal in their laws!!  If this bill is allowed to pass into law,  we are in big trouble for this upcoming legislative session.

We are already gearing up for State level battles in Georgia, Oklahoma and North Carolina.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Texas or New Mexico back in the cross hairs either this session. 

People I truly can not stress enough we need you ALL to step up to the plate and start slamming California with emails!!   Whether you choose to believe it or not, this will effect you at some point.

Our Next Steps:

Below is a note from Jan on what to expect next. According to the Assembly site the next Floor session is Friday July 1st. Looking at Jan's note I would think it most important that we first target the Senate Rules Committee Members HEAVILY!! Then move on to the rest of the Senate so they fully understand this bill is NO longer what they voted for months ago!!! Last send to all the Assembly members in hopes of getting a no on the Floor vote...

Senate Rules Committee:

Senate Member Directory:

Assembly Member Directory:

For the Rules Committiee emails, possibly an avenue to see if they will pull the bill is the way Senator Speier's cheated this bill. She chose a bill that had already been passed by the Senate and had moved onto the Assembly. Trying to sidestep the process and allow the opposition their right to due process. She took away our right to be heard in front of a Senate Committee! Just a thought..

From Jan Cooper:

It will now head to the Assembly floor.  The next step if it gets passed by simply majority at the floor of the Assembly will be back to the Senate floor for a simple concurrence vote....many will not even look at the bill ...thereby assuming they already passed it once and will push it on through again, not realizing it is NOT WHAT THEY THOUGHT originally.... The ONLY WAY to stop it is to get the RULES committee to pull it..OR get Senators to agree to send it to committee and I can assure that Speier will be there convincing her colleagues how good this bill is...she did a good job on that a few minutes ago ..... IT IS NOW OR NEVER FOR CA and if CA goes so goes the rest of the states in US....



Old News

A letter I sent to Senator src=" and Assemblyman Leno can be read here.

Another Letter sent to the committee:  Letter






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