The issues in the case against Kern County Animal Control can be simplified as follows:
  1. The law says an owner relinquished animal MUST be held for four days, not counting the day of impoundment. In my review of county records, I found one instance of an OR being kept for more than 24 hours. In all other cases, the animals were immediately euthanized.
    Violation of Food & Ag Code 31108.5

  2. All cats brought in as "feral" are euthanized immediately upon impound, and are NEVER given a test to see if they are simply frightened.
    Violation of Food & Ag 31752.5

  3. According to the records released to me by the County today, no animal has been given medical treatment by the shelter.
    Violation of Food & Ag 17005, Civ Code 1834 and Penal Code 597.1

    1. Most animals brought in as "sick" are immediately euthanized, despite the required holding periods.

    2. In addition, any animal listed as "nursing" is immediately euthanized, even though such a condition does not require euthanasia.

  4. We can find no records of the shelter requiring spay and nueter prior to adoption.
    Violation of Food & Ag 30503 and 31751.3
    The shelter is crowded with puppies and nursing mothers. In my inspection of the shelter, I did not view the cats, but I am told it is just as bad.

  5. The Mojave shelter utilizes a "drop bin," where animals can be placed after hours. In addition, rescue will testify that people will drop a cat into a bin holding a large dog "to see what happens." Shelter workers have reported taking pieces of cats out of the drop bins in the morning.
    Violation of 31108.5 and 31752.2 - which requires a purported owner to provide proof of ownership upon relinquishment.

  6. The lost dogs and cats are held behind locked doors. You are not allowed to see the lost animals without checking in. Numerous residents report being told they cannot view the lost animals because their description of their lost animal does not match the description in the computer. One shelter worker apparently names EVERYTHING a shepherd mix.

  7. The euthanasia drug is Euthanol-6, which is listed right on the bottle as "for dogs only -- do not use on cats without the help of a veterinarian" Kern County uses ONLY Euth-6, which apparently causes pain to a cat before death. State law requires an eight hour training course for all shelter personnel who are going to adminsiter euthanasia drugs. The head of the Shelter system told me that one of their techs had the training, but they can't find the certificate. The others have no training.