Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Alabama.
Animal Control Division of the City of Huntsville v. 32 Pit BULLDOGS.
Case Number: CV00-1050

Judge: Joseph L. Battle

Petitions for permissive intervention granted as to Sheila Tack, Loyce Fisher and Katherine Nagel. Joseph L. Battle.

Petitions of Sandra French and Waldon Borth to intervene are denied for lack of prosecution. Joseph L. Battle.

11-15-01: Based on the pleadings, testimony taken at trial, exhibits introduced into evidence and stipulations of the parties, this Court finds as follows: The four pit bulls that are approximately one and a half years old and that were born at the City of Huntsville Animal Control Shelter are not lacking any useful purpose due to training and viciousness. The said four pit bulls are to be adopted in the following order: by Sheila Tack, by Loyde Fisher, and by Katherine Nagel. The fourt pit bull to be adopted is to be adopted by one of these three intervenors. All intervenors are to sign the Humane Society's adoption form (Court Exhibit 1). All other pit bulls herein are declared to be contraband and found to be lacking any useful purpose due to training or viciousness and are to be humanely euthanized in the City of Huntsville Animal Control Shelter. All costs are taxed to the named Defendants this 15th day of November, 2001. Joseph L. Battle.

11-15-01: Copies of order distributed to Greg Burgess, Sheila Tack, Loyce Fisher, and Katherine Nagel.

11-9-01 (On the order, this is 11-9-01, but is out of chronological order and may be an error. Possibly should be 11-19-01): Objection and Motion to strike Petitions to Intervene 11-14-01 Received JLB

11-19-01: The order of 11-15-01 herein is amended by adding the following: of the four dogs to be spared, two came to the Huntsville Animal Control Shelter as puppies. Two were born there as puppies. The order as to the dogs that are not spared is based on default.  (portions after this illegible due to fax cut-off)...
Intervenors appeared for the four dogs that are spared. Joseph L. Battle.

11-20-01: Reed. Clerk's office

11-27-01: copies distributed to: Greg Burgess, Sheila Tack, Loyce Fisher, and Katherine Nagel.