Tails a' Waggin is a 'no-kill'
animal rescue & sanctuary
located in Boone County Indiana
We are a non-profit
501(c)(3) corporation
Donations are tax-deductable.
Donations go to help the animals at the shelter.
 Definition of a 'no-kill'
Many shelters are classified as 'no-kill' and this has been a controversial term ever since shelters were created. It divides people and has become the center of many debates. Many believe that this cannot be practiced humanely.
Tails a' Waggin is a 'no-kill' shelter. We follow
the following criteria to meet this classification:
* We never kill an animal, except for a humane reason such as pain and suffering. We will do everything possible to treat the animal and try to save the animal regardless of expense.
* We will never transfer an animal to another shelter or facility that euthanizes animals for any other reason than those mentioned above.
Tails A' Waggin' Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 37
Whitestown, IN 46075
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