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Positive Pit Press
"We adopted a Pit Bull mix. She is a wonderful dog! She earned her Canine Good Citizen award and became a registered therapy dog at only nine months old."

Popsicle, Cool K9! One year ago, Popsicle helped the feds seize 3,075 pounds of cocaine from a pineapple-laden truck at the Mexican border-the biggest drug bust ever at the Hidalgo, Texas, port of entry.

When the deadly cottonmouth snake struck out at "her" children, Dixie never hesitated. The dog pushed the children aside, putting her 50-pound body between them and the snake. Dixie, Heroic pit bull

Heroic Pit Bull : Dog Finds Help For Injured Neighbor. Move over Lassie. A pit bull terrier has shown Auburn's resident that heroic dog deeds don't just happen in the movies or on TV.

Petunia Pit Bull

Petunia visits area classrooms with the Greenbelt-based Partnership for Animal Welfare's Responsible Pet Owner (RPO) program. "Petunia waited while 40 children petted her," said Towson parent Karen Sindall. "I've never seen a more warm, loving and patient dog." Yet Petunia is a pit bull, a name applied to several breeds originally bred for strength, agility, dog-fighting and -- worth noting -- absence of aggression toward humans, because handlers had to work closely with the dogs. Today, bull breeds score high on temperament tests, and the majority are family pets . Man makes dogs bite .

As I unload my dog, one of the Sheriff's deputies says, "Hey, is that a Pit Bull?" "Yes Sir it is," I proudly say with a smile (this happens every time).

"I didn't know they can be search dogs?" he said. I tell him that they are perfect for search work. They are strong and athletic which helps them get through the roughest terrain. They have very good drive which keeps them focused on what they are doing. They can work for hours, and they LOVE people. Search & Rescue .

Lifesaving Pit Bull

The dog, who's lived with her more than two years, helped save both Tollison and her sister from a fire that erupted early last Wednesday in her Pine Ridge Road home. Pit bull a hero in Holly Hill home fire

I first met RCA when she was first in training and living with her trainer, John. I was captivated by her charm and obedience. Later, when I got my first Sheltie and I would bring him over to John's to visit, she was incredibly tolerant to this rambunctious puppy and would bring him toys to play with. Of course, her favorite toy was a tug toy and she always won. Alaska's First Certified Hearing Dog .

Spike Pit Bull

We are still living in a nursing facility and Spike has become a part of the facility. Over the past year he has gained about 8 pounds. Residents and staff keep dog cookies in their rooms and as we go down the hall he has to visit everybody. Service dog Spike

Shelby a Staffordshire-pit bull mix service dog, sits beside his owner, David Dalrymple, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2001, while attending an Animal Welfare Commission hearing in San Francisco. The commission is scheduled to discuss a commissioner's request that all dogs in public transportation or in public parks be leashed and muzzled.

Sunni loves to catch Frisbees and chase tennis balls. But the 4-year-old American pit bull terrier also participates in something far more important - donating blood. "She's what they call a universal blood donor," said Toni Klemstein, the dog's owner. "She's missing the antigens that cause other dogs to react to a donation. She's already donated blood three or four times." Pit bull saves other dogs with its blood

Referred to as the "Pitcasso" of the art world, Spanky's talent is equaled only by his generosity. All the proceeds from the sale of his paintings go to special causes, such as the Assistance Dog Training Fund, which helps train canines for the disabled. Portrait of the artist as a young dog

Pit Bull Norton

Waterloo, Ontario -- NORTON, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier cross breed was the only one to hear Ann Mathews collapse after a severe reaction to a spider bite. Norton managed to rouse Ann's husband Barrie, still asleep in bed, and lead him to the main floor of the house where Ann was losing consciousness. Barrie called 911, and as ambulance attendants arrived she stopped breathing. Ann was revived at the hospital and spent several days recovering. Norton Hero dog

Periodically, over a month's time, sixty-five pound Weela crossed the flooded river to bring food to seventeen dogs and puppies and one cat, all stranded on an island. Each trip she pulled thirty to fifty pounds of dog food that had been loaded into a harnessed backpack.

The animals were finally evacuated on Valentine's Day. Weela, Ken-L Ration's Dog Hero of the Year (1993)

Pit Bull Taylor

"Taylor, a 4-year old pit bull mix, shows a real knack for his job. In his first two years on the job, he has sniffed out more than $30 million worth of narcotics...

Out of more than 100 dogs in the San Diego [CA, USA] district K-9 unit, Taylor ranks as a top performer." The Pit Bull who Fights Drugs

Put in a wheelchair by a 1996 horseback riding accident, Morrison is now assisted in her daily activities by Panda, a pit bull mix she found wandering the streets and trained to switch on lights, retrieve dropped objects and pull her wheelchair. "I needed a dog and she needed a person," said Morrison. Doggie devotion makes life easier

Blueberry A Pitbull named Blueberry is credited with saving her owner from two armed attackers.

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