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Stormy Alerts family to house fire Read Article
Coco Saves 10 yr old from intruder! Read Article
Foxy Saves her 82 yr old owner from Freezing and barks until help arrives Read Article
Jesse Saves owner who was bleeding from a nicked artery. Read Article
Rock Killed while saving his family from intruders. Read Article
Cloe Aided a woman who had fallen outside and was unable to move. Read Article
Chevy A Toronto Pit Bull saved mom who had fallen and smashed her head. Read Article
Missy Saved young boy from 2 dogs mauling him. Read Article
Autum Alerted mom that house was on fire Read Article


 The Number 1 United States Customs Dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier named Popsicle. How did he get that name? He was found during a drug bust in a freezer where he had been left to die after being used as a bait dog for dog fighters.

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


One of the top rated Search and Rescue dogs is Dakota, an American Pit Bull Terrier. Dakota is owned by Kris Crawford, who has 2 other pit bulls that are certified SAR dogs! Dakota is so good at what she does, NASA hand picked Kris and Dakota to assist in the recovery of the Astronauts after last winters tragic crash. They are also certified Hospital Therapy dogs. These dogs bring happy reunions and sometimes closure to many families. If you were to tell these families how evil and bad these dogs are I’m sure they would look at you like you were crazy! (Animal Planet recently aired a “Pet Story” edition on Kris Crawford).

Visit Kris and Dakota's Website for more great  information




      One day while outside watching one of the kids in her family,  suddenly body slammed 11 yr old Gary that sent him flying.  Lori (mom) saw the whole thing and was surprised since Weela had always played so well with the kids.  Surprised , that was until she saw the big rattle snake sink it’s fangs into Weela’s face!  Then she understood Weela had been saving Gary’s life!

A few years later, Weela saved the lives of 30 people, 29 Dogs, 13 horses and 1 cat.   Heavy rains caused a damn to break on the Tijuana River.   Weela would pull 30 to 50lbs of food across the river to feed stranded animals when it was needed during their month of being stranded on the island.   

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


A stray pit bull Pat found wandering the streets, is not only her best friend but also her service dog.  Pat was put in a wheelchair by a horseback riding accident and without Panda's help would have difficulty getting around. 

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


A 50 pound APBT who never hesitated in the face of danger.  She protected her family’s children by pushing them out of the way and putting herself between them and a deadly Cottonmouth about to strike and took 2 bites to the face.  Those bites would have killed the kids.

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


RCA, a white APBT certified as a hearing dog in Alaska

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press

Private First Class Duke

A United States Marine stationed in Japan

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


 An  American Pit Bull Terrier  (referred to by owners as their 56lb Chihuahua) who saved 2 retired sisters from a house fire.

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


 Saved his human moms life after, she had gone into anaphylactic shock from a spider bite.  Norton who they rescued from a fight ring, went to the master bedroom and kept pushing her husband until he awoke and followed Norton to his wife

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


      A Pit Bull who visits schools and assists in teaching kids about Responsible pet ownership.

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


     Brought much needed help to a neighbor who had fallen off a 12 ft. ladder.  Once she was able to wake him up by licking his face and barking, she went for help.

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


Gave her life to save her owner from a car jacking. 4 hijackers blocked the young women in her driveway and rushed towards her demanding the keys to her car.  After telling them to take everything, they began to drag her to their car, she started screaming.  That's when Bella attacked the first of 4 of the hijackers  who shot her in the head, she continued to attack the team of 4 until the fled the scene leaving the injured Bella and her owner.  Bella died from her injuries shortly after the attack.  On Saturday, 8 November 1997, Bella was awarded posthumously a seven ring rosette, a trophy



The Amstaff Ambassador, Educator and Therapy Dog



Then a 7 month old puppy, woke her 9 year old human sister up at 5am in an effort to get help for the girls 2 baby hamsters who were trapped in the closet..

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


       A service dog, for a quadriplegic who couldn’t function without Spikes help!

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


     A 4yr old APBT and San Diego Narcotics Officer.   He is also a rescued pit bull!

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


A professional artist!   One of Pitcasso's paintings recently sold for $550.00!

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


     A brave pit bull who donates blood to save other dogs!

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


Blu A young APBT who saved her owners life by pouncing on 2 armed attackers as they were shooting. 

Read more, courtesy of Positive Pit Bull Press


One night, 2 armed men broke into Melissa Willis's home.  They pointed a gun at her, while her son stood behind her.  Weezie there male pit bull came to the rescue!  Weezie, placed himself between his family and danger, and every advance by the men, he pushed his family backwards until they were to the exit.  He kept the armed robbers focused on him, so his family would be safe.

Read the complete Story


TJ the currently available Rescue pup, saves his foster dad's life!!  TJ alerted foster dad AJ Morgan to a 4ft Diamondback Rattlesnake curled up in the driveway.


Rover McGuinness

Jon found Rover abused and abandoned in a Dunkin Dounuts parking lot two years ago and became best friends.  Who knew Jon's act of kindness would come back to him so quickly.  There was a fire in Jon's home had it not been for Rover barking to wake Jon, he would have lost his life.  Sadly, that was Rovers last act of bravery.  Rover McGuinness passed away in the fire and will forever be a hero.

Read Rover's Story

About 1 month ago I passed out in our living room and fell to the floor.  The phone had been ringing a lot so it was on the end table next to the couch.  Somehow Nick knew what he needed to do.  He got phone and placed it on my chest.  Then he started to lick me and paw at my chest a little.  I woke up to wonderful kisses and my poor puppy crying.  I was shocked at what he had done.  For the rest of the day he wouldn't leave my side.  He followed me everywhere.  My baby's not a fighter, he's a hero!
Tanner December 21, 2004 Tanner became an official memeber Cocke County Sheriff's department.  Officer Tanner was awarded his badge and bullet proof vest. Read Tanners story
Leah Leah was taken from the streets by a caring family and taken home to be fostered.    One evening a fire broke out while the family slept.  Leah woke the family up allowing them to safely escape the fire! Read Leah's Story
Otis Otis alerted his family to a fire in the process of starting in the children's room. Read Otis's story







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