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Jessica Cochran floats a rescued Rottweiler to safety.

Tanks full of dead fish were found by our team.

A dog thanks her rescuer, Matt Mongiello.

Her guardians had left her behind to fend for herself.

Jessica coaxes another terrified dog to safety.

Rob Hutton cradles a rescued puppy.

Two rescued dogs get a drink with team leader Laura Brown.

Two dogs had been left to die in this filthy shed.

They had been left in this tiny hutch for two weeks.

These are some of the birds our team found dead in a flooded home.

Their guardians had left them behind to die.

He died of starvation and dehydration after surviving Katrina.

Matt and a happy, safe dog.

Laura and a rescued puppy.

Rob and a rescued dog at day's end.

Laura and Rob survey the scene.

Matt wades through the water.

She's safe now!

Jessica visits one of her rescues.

Dogs and cats were not Katrina's only animal victims.

Laura gains entry to a house.

Jessica makes good use of a crowbar.

Matt and Maggie Libby Davis with a rescued dog.

Another day's end approaches.

Linda Tyrrell cares for a rescued goat.

Linda visits a miniature horse.

Matt carries a cat to safety.

Jason Baker evacuates a cat.

Matt making friends with a Great Pyrenees.

A lift to safety.

Jason brings a happy dog in for a rest.

A kind soldier visits rescued puppies.

Jessica saves many birds.

A Rottweiler, finally safe, checks out her neighborhood.

Jessica makes friends with a stray cat.

Matt is thanked by yet another rescued dog.

Jessica's "magic touch" has saved another dog.

Matt works with a skinny, skittish dog.

Team member Jack Shepherd gains access to an apartment and an animal waiting inside.

Matt carries yet another cat to safety.

Sadly, it's too late for many animals.

Many animals were left to die, tethered inside homes.

Jack cares for a rescued horse.

Jason brings the dogs north as Linda ensures their comfort.

One dog enjoys the view of her trip to a new home.

Colleen O'Brien and Licorice

Charlie says goodbye to Virginia.

Mary Lou's foster caretakers say goodbye.

Alisa Mullins with Pee Wee

Charlie sitting with the Allen sisters as they leave.


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